Hi, I'm Melissa!

I created Voices on the Web to develop top-notch websites for voice actors of all sorts

I first got started in web design way back in 2008, when my wife and I quit our office jobs, set up freelance businesses, sold everything, and set off to see the world. We needed a website to share our travels with our friends and family, and TheSlowRoad.org was born. Since then, it has been my ever-evolving online labor of love.

Over the course of the past ten years, I learned, relearned, and learned again the latest in rapidly changing website technology and design to keep The Slow Road functional and artistically up-to-date.

In 2019, my partner, an audiobook narrator, was in need of a well-branded online presence. I love new projects and took the opportunity to acquire the final expertise to design and implement a first-rate website specifically tailored to the needs of a freelance narrator. Web designers and voice professionals alike were impressed, and I soon founded Voices on the Web.

Why hire me?

Personalized service

I’m a small business person like you, not a big agency or a faceless corporation. I will give you and your projects my personal time and attention.

Attention to detail

My previous career as an editor for academic journals has given me a keen eye for detail and consistency and taught me to catch the smallest errors in design and code.

An artistic eye

As a professional photographer and a student of painting, I have a sense of creative design, both innate and trained, that lets me capture your unique voice in a visual medium.

VO knowledge

My partner is a voice actor (and likes to talk about her work!), so I am up to date on trends in the business and know what a voice actor needs in a brand and a website.

Flat-rate pricing

I display my prices up front—no surprise fees or long sales pitches before you can even get a quote.


If the packages I list here don’t work for you, no worries! I can work with you to build exactly the web presence you need.
And a beautiful spot for editing
The hammocks were the bast part
As a nomad, I get to work in some pretty amazing places (and in a lot of hotel rooms and coffee shops). When not working, I'm exceedingly fond of being in a hammock with a book (or audiobook!)

Contact me today to begin the exciting process of VISUALIZING YOUR VOICE!